Re-educate your Body

Understanding our body as a whole it’s essential when we want to avoid pain, correct our posture or achieve improvement in any physical activity we perform. Our body and mind are inseparable; and that is why only when working on this delicate relationship, we will find a real relief and improvement.

Everybody has the power to heal and avoid musculoskeletal pain or dis-balance… but how?

If you suffer from repetitive muscles injuries, joints problems or you want to have a better posture, it is necessary to re-educate your body.

As an experienced physiotherapist specialized in Global Posture Re-education (RPG® Method) and as an Alexander Technique teacher, I can guide you through this learning process. You will improve the use of your body, find a new state of balance, get rid of unnecessary tension and avoid pain. But the most important thing of all is that you will feel more free and owner of yourself.

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