The Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique is an amazing learning tool for self-awareness, it allows you to take advantage of your fantastic body, which is especially designed to move with ease and freedom.

With this technique it is possible to learn to observe and understand how your body works, it will help you to avoid any extra tension created during your daily life activities. During the lessons will learn to avoid this unconsciouse habit , you will be able to find the natural balance to move and live more freely.

You will find out that by learning to improve how you use your body (in easy tasks such as standing, sitting, walking, lying down) you will reach in the end a better understanding of yourself, physically and mentally. This deeper self awareness and conscious control plays an important role when recovering from injuries, heeling repetitive strain injuries and improving your posture.

I will help you to find a new sense of well-being and at the end to be more relaxed and self confident.

Who was Alexander?

Frederik Matthias Alexander (1869-1955) actor and reciter, developed his technique through a process of self-examination with mirrors into his speaking habits, trying to determine the cause of his severe hoarseness after performing. One of his biggest findings was to prove how the head-neck-back relationship has a key role on our posture mechanism and tone regulation. He wrote many books but it is in The Use of the Self, in which he describes the evolution of the technique and how he could find a cure for himself.

How is an Alexander Technique lesson?

During the lessons we will use easy and known activities such as sitting, standing, walking, lying down in order to challenge your self-awareness.  Through the contact of my hands and the sound of my voice I will support and give you feedback while guiding you to restore the natural balance between your head-neck-back and with your entire body.

This work will help you to improve your movement skills such as standing, sitting, walking, running, lifting, playing an instrument, hitting a ball, jumping, etc. You will become more aware of your body, feeling lighter, more coordinated in your movements, able to prevent bad posture; and allowing your breathing to become more conscious and free.

For whom is the Alexander Technique?

If you suffer from repetitive strain injuries, you want to become more in balance with your body-mind connection or want to improve the use of your body for any activity you perform (ex. playing an instrument, sports or doing any job).

Fees and lessons

The lesson lasts 50 minutes. Because this is a learning process, it needs practice and is advised to take more than 1 lesson. If you want to make a trial, because you’ve never have lessons before, the first lesson will be free of charge.

Fee: €60 per lesson.

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