Bad posture while sitting and faulty sensory appreciation

Many people believe that to avoid slump posture while sitting you need to strengthen the back muscles and your abs, to stretch or to get some magic ergonomic accessories. Unfortunately, non of this is a solution for it.  Sensory appreciation or propioception is the sense that makes us know where our body parts are and help us to create our body schema . One of Alexander’s discoveries is that this sense can be faulty, making us remain sitting in the same way even we recognize it’s wrong, because it ‘’feels’’right, or I would say ”known”.  

Improving your sensory appreciation will create the conditions for you to start recognizing your habitual way of doing things, so then it is possible to stop the old patters and change them for new and more coordinated ones. You will find that then, it is possible to be uprise without effort. This  needs practice, like any new skill you want to learn and improve.

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